July CampNaNo here I come!

Good Tuesday morning! At least, that is when I am writing this here blog entry. We will see when this one gets published. Likely, this entire intro is going to be deleted. I am kind of blathering on just to blather on and to kill a monster. What is this ginger talking about? Well, I have gotten some free time on my 4thwords account once more, and so as I write, I also do battles with monsters. I finish quests. I pew pew to victory with words. Thus the rambling right now, but I also think that rambling like this helps to get the juices flowing some, yanno? Writing anything even if you have to trash most of it before publishing (whatever form of publishing you do) just helps break the dams, you know? The creative blockages that might be in your head. Or I’m just babbling like an idiot for the fun of it. Who the hell knows. Not me!


Anyway, I am going to blather about my CampNaNoWriMo project a bit more. Or more accurately, babble about it a bit more. CampNaNo starts on July 1st (Thursday! Very convenient for my streaming schedule) and I have the vaguest of story ideas. A feeling for the novel that I am going to write. I want to explore friendship of people in their thirties. Where you have careers, children, and other things in life getting in the way. I want to explore how there isn’t just one way of adulthood. The characters in my book will hopefully be unique but relatable. And it isn’t just human characters that I am working with. Oh, no no no. The Renaissance Festival will also be a character. Because my characters love to go there. My characters are straight up nerds with far more talent than I have.

The main character is named Dylan. She is in her mid-to-late thirties. She is a ginger because I am one of those authors. But I also truly believe more protagonists should be redheads. She is far more of a badass than I am. She is a blacksmith on the side and sells her weapons and wares at the Renaissance Festival. She is strong in body and mind. Stronger than I have ever been. And she makes really cool weapons. She has a forge in her garage, a small thing, but it gets the job done. She works for a living in an office, but in her free time, she gets all sweaty in her garage and makes daggers. She also makes her own costumes that she wears to the Ren Fest.

I love her. I probably want to be her to some extent.

Her best friend in the world is Georgia Monroe. George is more outspoken than Dylan and they became fast friends in middle or elementary school when they realized their names made most people think they were boys. George has a wife named Tallulah, and two kids. She and her wife met at the Ren Fest, and it is a cute story, but one that won’t feature in the novel as this novel takes place probably ten or twelve years after they met. But it is a very cute story if I say so myself. Involves a wild toddler and a collision. Plus, later on, a horse dressed up as a unicorn.

There will be other characters as well. Friends and former lovers. Coworkers that are slowly bridging the gap from just-at-work friends to out in the real world. There will be vendors selling pickles and other food. Tomatoes being tossed at a professional heckler. Amazing weapons and not-so-amazing weapons. Delicious food. Good drinks. Merriment and struggle. Angst and anger. Basically, if you can name an emotion, then I hope to have it in some form in this novel. I just want to explore the many kinds of love and relationships there are in the world. I want to show that just because you reach certain ages; it does not mean that you have to give up on your hobbies and passions. That sometimes it is incredibly hard to do it all, but sometimes, it’s worth it. Other times, you need a damn break. Basically, I want to explore adulthood and humanity and somehow make it interesting.

All with the Ren Fest as a backdrop because I really missed it last year. It will probably turn into a rambling slice of life monstrosity that will need a lot of effort to rework in later drafts, but overall, I am very excited to try it. I usually fail CampNaNoWriMo even with giving myself lower word count goals. I can often eke out the 50k needed for NaNoWriMo in November, but there is something about April and July that causes me to struggle or give up. I am keeping my fingers crossed I finish the word count goal and yanno what? FINISH THE NOVEL TOO. That’s a goal, but not necessarily the goal of Camp for me. I am aiming for 35k, and we’ll see if I make it.

Do you participate in CampNaNo? What are your goals for it if you are? Lemme know what you are working on if you are working on anything, and I hope y’all have good days!