What happens after A Ghost Story?

This blog entry is in response to a comment left by my lovely Aunt. Often, with these prompts I do, I have thoughts — LOTS OF THOUGHTS — on what happens to these characters once their prompt is told. Their story is not complete. It is a bit like real life; you know? How often do we just see snapshots of people? You go to the store and have an interaction with a fellow human, and odds are good, you won’t see them again. Or they work at the store, and you will simply see them in that setting but rarely anywhere else. Your interaction with them is not the entirety of their life story. Just, possibly, the entirety of YOUR story with them. And that is fascinating to me. The stories of people that are left untold, or that we do not experience personally. The ways in which we can probably never truly know another person and—… I am going off on a tangent that I did not mean to go off on.

Back to what the point of this entry is going to be. I am going to be answering some questions about what happened to Izzy following A Ghost Story. I will not say that I have her entire life planned out, but it is a near damn thing. Possibly.

We last left off with Izzy being too drunk off of alcohol and flirting to deal with the onslaught of emotions and feelings that she may or may not have regarding her ghostly roommate, Frederick. She isn’t romantically in love with him, but there is love there. An intense love too. Frederick is just around ALL the time. Proximity can sometimes bring about closeness in friendship, and that seems to be the case between these two. Plus, they mesh really well. They have a friendship full of teasing and caring. They clash a lot and are very different people. Their living experiences are completely different — both when Frederick WAS alive and now given the fact he is dead — and so that causes friction and head-butting; but they are willing to work it out. They want to work it out.

Even if Frederick isn’t paying rent, Izzy still wants him around. He still wants to be around.

(SIDE NOTE: In the universe that this story takes place, I am still not exactly sure what the mechanics are regarding ghosts/spirits being able to leave the house/place they are haunting. Does something tie them to the place? Are they able to leave whenever they want? How do they pass on if they wish to the afterlife? Must they do something in order to move on? These are questions I would clearly need to work on should I ever expand on the story but for now we will leave them unanswered but vaguely being shouted in the back of my head. The life of a writer is living with many voices in your head.)

Now onto the potential lover. SPOILER ALERT: Izzy and the man she danced and flirted with do in fact fall in love. His name is Raffi. He likes to read, although he and Izzy at first struggle to find common ground in the books that they enjoy. At least they enjoy cozying up on the couch together to read their separate books. They have a quiet relationship when they get together.

Raffi is introduced to Frederick before he and Izzy put a label on what their relationship is. Izzy just awkwardly texts him a link to her blog where she talks about Frederick. A lot of Frederick and Izzy’s initial relationship starts with flirting via text, but they cross back into the world of actual contact too. Frederick fascinates Raffi, and he isn’t jealous of the relationship that Frederick has with Izzy. Frederick, for his part, is a fan of Raffi too. They end up getting their own private jokes, leaving poor Izzy out of the loop occasionally.

What I want for Izzy, Raffi, and Frederick is a happy existence. Sure, there is going to be strife. There will be fights between the three of them, or sometimes just between two of them. But overall, all three of them will mesh well. All three of them will have their own relationships with each other. Because look I just want happiness and good times for my characters in this story.

So, overall, it is happy. Struggles will surface in their lives and unlives, but they will all overcome them for the better and live happily ever after. Even the one who is dead.

Not all my characters are destined for such happiness. Some that are percolating in my head and heart are destined for nothing good in the end. Some of these characters have been introduced in prompts, and maybe one day I’ll babble about some of those characters too. In a vague sort of fashion.

Anyway, I hope this satisfied anyone who was curious about Izzy, Frederick, and the mysterious Raffi!

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