A podcast coming your way

My husband and I are starting a podcast. Just what is the podcast going to be about? Well, my husband loves horror movies. I, myself, do not. We decided it might be fun to record my thoughts and his on horror movies. Will I grow to love horror movies? Will I enjoy any of them? Will I hate every single one of them? Just how awkward will we both be when we think of people potentially listening to us blather on and on about movies? Tune in to find out!

It won’t just be reactions to movies. We plan on delving into all things creepy. Talking about our own run-ins with the paranormal and talking scary stories that we find on the internet and in books, possibly. It will be fun, we hope. We will be entertaining, we hope. If all else fails it just gives us a fun project to do together while figure out editing of sound and such.

We plan on recording our first episode this Friday. We will be watching The Conjuring.

As someone who lacks in self-esteem and who feels like most of the time that I have little to offer the world, it surprises me that I am able — and willing — to put myself out there. I do so with this blog, with sharing my writing and words. I do it every Tuesday and Thursday morning on twitch as I stream my writing. I put myself out there in all of my awkward glory and it IS awkward, because I AM awkward. And that’s okay, I think. We’ll see. I just wanted to spend a minute to just… be proud of myself. For getting out of my comfort zone. It is scary as hell. Each time I hit publish, each time I hit start stream I have a moment of panic. A serious questioning of myself and what I am doing, but I am proud of myself for pushing through.

And I’m excited to work on something with my husband. Hopefully, other people will find it entertaining, but if not? Oh well. It gives us something to do together. It will be a learning experience and that’s neat in and of itself.

I’m not sure when the first episode will be released. We are angling for Monday or Tuesday of next week. Wish us luck!

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